Deads, and deads, and more deads, and push ups, and deads

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Some of you may know that I love deads. Deadlift day is my favorite day. I wish there was a holiday celebrating deadlifting. I would get fully behind it even if it was promoted by hallmark just to sell greeting cards. It would be worth it. Today we did heavy singles to kick things off. As you can see even the gimps were able to go heavy. Poor Blaze with his lucky fin can only deadlift with one arm but it didn’t stop him from putting up some savage weight. We had so many PR’s today I don’t have time to list them but some of the sweet ones will get a mention. Donkey finally got up to two wheels today with a monstrous 104. Mez is a legend in her own family setting the new record for her household with 200 pounds. KD finally put up 400 pounds and he gets a second ribbon for the ugliest deadlift of the day. In fact it is a testament to his back strength in the face of his crippling inflexibility that he was able to pick up a bar like that and walk out of the gym.

We finished up with 15 minutes of light deads and hard push ups. Folks were putting up as many as 150 deads and 150 push ups. AMAZING. Check out our Flickr page for some fun photos from last week. I love precision jumps. Not as much as deads but almost.

2 Comments on “Deads, and deads, and more deads, and push ups, and deads”

  1. Deadlift Day should be a weekly holiday. I’ll bring some Cake-Balls. And it was 426.80 lbs, to be precise, JHo.

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