Day 1 Recap Revisited, Extended, and Perfected

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This past weekend a team of monsters threw down with the best of the northwest in the CrossFit Games Northwest Regional Qualifier. 31 Teams of 3 men and 3 women from the top gyms in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska squared off in 6 events over three days at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Last year the XCF team took 15th place. This year we came back a little stronger but with more injuries, pregnancies, and much shorter shorts than last year. We had the same amount of black power as last year but provided by yours truly instead of the Black Laser. (A real thing, as well as a person, aka FoJo, although he probably prefers Chris) Almost all of our old foes were back although foes is a poor term since we don’t begrudge anyone their hard won victory but there were certainly teams that we were itching to show that we had improved. The theme for the weekend was to have more fun than any other group present and we certainly did that. We stood very little chance of winning for a variety of reasons but we love CrossFit and we love to compete so of course we had to show up. This was also sort of a last hurrah for CI since he is leaving next week for less green pastures south of the border.

Here is what happened on Friday. The first workout was a four-person relay with two men and two women. Each team had one erg and one handstand push up station.  In a predetermined order each athlete would row 750 meters. After the fourth athlete had completed their row the athletes would start the roster over and each athlete performed as many handstand push-ups as they could until the team got to 50 reps. CI being the strongest at hspu was the lead off hitter. Since we train aerobic power in the gym pretty consistently each athlete had a set pace to keep up on the row. We didn’t want them to crash too early. CI hit it perfectly. Each athlete killed his or her row set. CI kicked off the hspu portion with 22 consecutive reps. Blaze followed with 13, and Jones hit an hspu PR of 3 consecutive. This was just a harbinger of the awesomeness that Jones was going to unleash over the weekend. Nimz doesn’t have hspu yet but every athlete had to make an attempt and hers may have been the most incredible attempt of any athlete who failed to contribute any reps to the team total. CI knocked out 5 more and Blaze took us to 50. I was already hoarse at this point from cheering/coaching/shouting. I may have also choked out Donkey and Clancy at one point during the workout. On the second row CI only fell of pace by a few seconds but who cares. Do you remember when I told you that he did 22 PUSH UPS WHILE IN A HANDSTAND!?!? Blaze killed his second row, as did Jones. If Nimz was trying to make up for not doing any handstands than this is where it all came out. She annihilated the row. It was amazing. She was hitting splits in the 1:40s. It was epic. By this point my trachea was starting to swell from my vociferous support. They won the heat by over 40 seconds and after the first round we were in 3rd place. It was a perfectly executed workout. Of the two teams that beat us one had two females who rowed in college and the other had a woman who was a former competitive gymnast. Both teams crushed the workout and deserved their honors. Big ups to Jet City CrossFit and CrossFit West Seattle who took 2nd and 1st respectively.

Workout two was a two-person event performed by Clancy and I. It was a thruster ladder I which bars of increasing weight had to be lifted every 30 seconds until you couldn’t go up anymore. The score for the workout was the combined weight of the man and the woman. Clancy was up first and while she was in line I ran into Dave Castro the director of the CrossFit Games. He was asking about our team and made a strange face when I pointed out Clancy. When I revealed that she was with child he was relieved that she just wasn’t soft around the middle for no reason. You didn’t have to weight long before Clancy let everyone know that you can build a person and put up ridiculous weight over head at the same time. She worked up from 105 pounds to 140 pounds. Kelsey Nagel set the record for the day at 165 pounds. I take partial credit for her success since she used to do CrossFit with us before a job change took her away from downtown. Credit must be further extended to Rexy who introduced Kelsey to me in the first place. Long story short, we love referrals and you should bring all of your friends to XCF so we can turn them into machines. Getting back to the workout. I came up next with a hope of 255# in the thruster. The bars started getting heavy around 225 but I dug it out. I actually had 255 over my head when my foot slipped and there was a rule against moving your feet so the lift didn’t count. I was frustrated but proud of our combined lift, which put us 5th in the workout and moved, us up to 2nd place overall. It was an incredibly powerful day for the team. We couldn’t have hoped for more. I couldn’t have been more proud of all 5 of my teammates. Even the support we got from the folks who came down to cheer was amazing. I have to mention Reebok as the most legit event sponsor ever. So much food, such a comfortable athlete rest area complete with a massage therapist, and cool shwag to boot. Thanks to all of the volunteers who must have put in a 12-hour day at least.  Tune in tomorrow for the day 2 recap.

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