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There was a lot of sadness surrounding the departure of our incredibly dear friend, athlete, and trainer CI. Of course it was sad but in the final chapter of the CI chronicles it is time to celebrate. Celebrate the culmination of a three year journey that was understood from the beginning. CI joined us with the expressed intention of learning as much as he could about fitness while impacting as many lives as he could while also finishing pre-recs for med school and studying for the MCAT. There was never a moment where he was not striving to that end and there was never a moment where he was not succeeding in all three arenas. CI could teach a graduate course on the pursuit of fitness. You can throw a rock in downtown Seattle and probably hit someone who has been affected by CI’s coaching and/or ranting about the benefits of deadlifts and beef. You could also fill a battle ship with the cups of coffee consumed as he studied for the MCAT through the night shift at his second job at DESC. He made it. The work paid off. He is going to be a doctor. In fact he just boarded a plane to start the next leg of his journey. For three years he was with us honing his skills. Listening, teaching, coaching, correcting, protecting, and pushing people to be, do, and experience more than they ever thought possible. I can honestly say that I am a better husband, coach, friend, business owner, and person because of my relationship with Chris Irvine. The end of the CI saga at XCF is only the beginning of a new chapter in his life and in the lives of people that have yet to experience the odd and honest, crazy and compassionate man that is Irvine. Send your prayers, your thoughts, and your love in the wake of the irreplaceable presence that participated in our community for 3 years. Celebrate with him. He said he was going to do it and he did. We can only think more of him because of that. It is truly a shame that the very last lift that CI attempted at XCF was a bicep curl. He failed. True story.

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  1. I am going to cry now. Few follow through on what they say they will do with the quality and class of the Legendary Irvine. The eloquence of Jordan is evident in this three-year review and au revoir to our beloved friend.

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