Cover your 6[pack]

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We are coming up on a full month in our new digs. It has been an interesting transition. The energy in the gym is certainly up. People are fired up to be training in the new space and new faces are showing up all of the time. I am actually a little sad for folks who don’t get to train in the old space at least for a little while so they can know just how good we have it now. Someone came into the gym the other day who said he was finally ready to join now that we had left that other “gross” place. GROSS?! That is my baby you are talking about. Sure she was frigid in the winter, scalding in the summer, damp all year round and at the top of a narrow and scary flight of steps inside the most ghetto gym in Seattle but she was mine and I loved her. Change is inevitable as most of them say so I guess we have no choice but to move forward and create a new brand of awesome as we expand our fitness family. It is great to be able to run around the block without dodging bums peeing in the alley and bus commuters. The harbor steps have already made an appearance in our training and the feedback was unanimously positive. You guys are all welcome for the row/stair climb sprints. One of the best ideas I ever had. I am super excited to see where we are in another month and then a year and then 5. We are going to see a ton more change and I encourage everyone who knows where we came from to help me in bringing up to speed everyone who is getting on board with where we are going. It is going to be a team effort to make XCF 2.0 the most incredible gym in Seattle. Thanks in advance.

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