Class schedule update

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This week you guys are in for a treat. There are four days of scheduled classes. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with all class times available. I know you are excited. I know folks probably didn’t even notice that I was gone until they read the last post but I am sure you have been crying yourselves to sleep since Irvine has been away as well. Tommy told me that a few of you even refused to lift heavy because it made you think of Irvine and it made you depressed. I don’t want you to be resistant though. I want you all to be stronger upon our return. We love you all very much and we only want good things for you. Do what your trainers tell you. We will be back soon enough.

Blaze’s birthday WOD is as follows.

45k or 100# barbell for men
32k or 70# barbell for women

25 Thrusters
25 pull ups
25 burpees
25 sdhp
25 pull ups
25 hspu
25 squat cleans
25 pull ups
25 box jumps 30+ inches
25 push jerks
25 pull ups
25 kte


25m run
100 rounds
no rest between sets. (equates to 1.5 mile run)

Do the whole thing for time on tuesday. Post times to comments. The whole workout can be done downstairs.

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