Christy Rimczak

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Last name pronounced Rim Sack. I know it sounds a bit porny but it isn’t what you think. It is the moniker of our very own in house hollywood love story couple. Rosa and Nimz are getting married just in case you hadn’t heard. I am invited to the wedding because I am 87% responsible for the whole thing happening. Possibly even 90%. They will probably name their first kid JHo.

Long story short because these kids don’t get enough attention in the gym being prettier and stronger than the rest of us we decided to have a party to celebrate them even more. Foody is opening up his home and his big green egg to the XCF community. Thursday August 9th you need to clear your calendar from 6-9pm so you can eat some meet and imbibe some libations with your gym family.

Bring your spouse. Leave your kids and your little dogs at home. If you feel so inclined bring a sweet paleo treat. The Foody’s(there are 4 of them you know) will provide the meat, tequila, and wine. Casual affair.

Christy Rimczak are not expecting gifts. I did overhear something about how it wouldn’t make them upset if people bought 2 or 3 of these or maybe a few of these as well. They said both items should just be left at the gym and they want to share them with the whole XCF community.

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