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Just a couple days out from our annual eating olympics. Last year I took gold in desserts, mashed potatoes, and overall consumption. And for what? The meat sweats? So my pants could fit a little tighter next week? Year after year folks end the holidays fatter and less fit than when they started. I have challenged folks before to hit … Read More

I can run for president

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35 is pretty sweet so far. Lots of folks buying me lunches, dinners, and bringing me cake. If the rest of the year goes like this it is going to be awesome. And fattening. There is always a reason to deviate from the plan. Your birthday, boss’s day, Wednesday. There is always an excuse. We are playing a long game. … Read More

Awesome is a process

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I was born knowing how to snatch, and I could do strict pull ups before I could walk. The first time I picked up a jump rope I did 315 double unders unbroken. I remember my first day of school because it was also the day I did my first press to handstand and legless rope climbs. It wasn’t all … Read More