Calling all haters

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It is on people. The final gathering for the I Hate CI club is tonight. To avoid confusion let’s just call it a party. It is part celebration because we are excited that our little boy is going to medical school. Say what you will about the Mexican government but their education system is… I actually don’t know, but I am sure it will be enriching. So we are going to send this kid off in style with food, drinks, and dodgeball. It will also be part funeral because we are super sad that he is leaving. I am not sad because I think he is a cack but I am sure many of you will shed a tear or two. D5 may actually find something tall to dislodge herself from. We will have 15 minutes of focused crying time during which I know a few folks have written some of their feelings down and are planning to share. If you have some poetry or a song about Irvine we will have an open mic portion after the focused cry session. Long story short we are going have some fun and consume these things as we wish one of our best a farewell

Where is this going to happen you are wondering?

Richard Hatcher(he is black) has offered up his space for the shenanigans.
Address: 1922 Post Alley. It is right next to Kells toward the end of Pike’s Place Market. If you don’t come and celebrate with us you probably are racist and you aren’t coming because I mentioned that Richard is black. Irvine though will think it is because you hate him. If you want me to think you are racist and for CI to think you have no feelings than just stay home

Call me: 206.696.2345  or  CI 818.419.7058 if you have questions

What should you bring?

Bring something to eat or drink and share with the awesome folks that make up our kick ass gym community.

When is it?

It is tonight at 630. At 5 though Irvine will be doing a pre-game show at Fado. You should probably come out for both.

Free month of unlimited CrossFit if you can come up with a caption that nicely weaves KD’s incredible abs, Mez’s philandering, Adler’s desperation, Clancy’s senior portrait head tilt, and Jesse’s workout induced bells palsy expression.

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