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3 days until we depart for the dark continent. I don’t know why it is called the dark continent. It seems like antarctica would be the dark continent as it gets considerably less sunlight during parts of the year. Oh vell. Mission: Brown Life Saver commences this sunday at midnight. I am super jazzed about all of the support we have been getting from athletes at XCF. Lots of scarves, fanny packs, hygiene supplies, and cash donations are making this an even more incredible gift than last time. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and I want to thank in advance anyone who has yet to give. The generosity is overwhelming. A couple of things I wanted to report. The first being the fact that every dollar donated goes straight to orphanage. We are traveling on our own dime and also contributing to the supplies for the donation. Second is that we will do a much better job keeping everyone abreast of the details of the trip. There are so many great stories yet to unfold and we will make every effort to share as many of them as we can.

Update to the needs list. This new list came from Jules who is the nurse on-site. She is actually in New York on a short term ER work assignment to earn money to take back and keep the project going. She can always use help collecting medical supplies for the work they do in South Africa as well as a clinic they just opened in Uganda. A few people have stepped up and already started bringing stuff in. If you or anyone you know has access to this kind of stuff for free or for cheap let me know. We have reserved a chunk of change to buy some stuff that doesn’t get donated. Expired medical supplies are still good so if you have them bring them in. I think the gauze companies are just trying to hustle hospitals. It is still sterile folks so we want it if you’ve got it.

Here is the list:

Oral antibiotics and vials of antibiotics, (Augmentin, Amoxil, kepra, keflex, Clindimycin, PCN, Cipro, tetracycline, doxycycline etc)
topical cream (anti‐fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, steroidal) Antivirals (acyclovir) stethoscopes manual BP set ups
Pulse OX machine Battery operated
Large gauze for wounds
Bandages cling wraps
bedded dressings
Scalpels sutures
feeding tubes
bulb syringes
catheters (straight for bladder)
IV catheters size 24, 22, 20, 18, as well as butterfly needles same sizes
alcohol pads
respiratory medications (prednisone, cough syrup, Atrovent, flovent, albuteral inhalers)
Nebulizer for asthma
Hot water bottles
Pain medications (Tylenol, ASA, Motrin, Children syrup and supp)
Vitamins and immune boosters
Pen lights

The list is long and time is short for this particular trip but anything helps. Tap into who you know and let’s see what we can pull out. You can drop it off at the gym up until Sunday afternoon. I am going to swing by the gym for the last time Sunday afternoon to pick up the remaining items that have been dropped off. If you are writing a check for the kiddos you can make it out to Xplore CrossFit.

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