Cake is like a sponge

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So this is part of a conversation that happened today between Michele, our resident nutrition wizard, and myself. Or is it me. Michele and me? Me and Michele? Michele and I? I digress. Or me digress? Doesn’t matter who. Onward.

JHo: Cake is sort of like a sponge.

Michele: Sort of…

JHo: And sponges clean things.

Michele: And…

JHo: So eating cake is like eating a sponge for your insides. If you think about it I am serving my body by eating cake because it is cleaning my gut. That is basic logic. You can’t really argue with that.

Michele: Do you want to see how hard I can punch?

JHo: Like just to see or because of the cake thing? Sure.

Michele: Cake [punch] is [punch] not[punch] a [punch] sponge [punch]for [punch] your [punch] gut.

As far as this post is concerned two things are true. It is unclear if cake is good for your gut, and Michele punches hard AF! In case you haven’t heard me complaining, Michele is now in charge of my nutrition program. I don’t like it. I don’t like not being in charge. Of anything. I want to be the boss of everything. Except Haley Shapley. But I want to be in charge of everything else in the world. I guess I am generally in the right profession in terms of getting to be bossy, but lately I haven’t been good about being in charge of the things that go into my mouth. I stopped competing in CrossFit and so I stopped training 4 hours a day. That was the signal to eat cake, lift inconsistently, and get weak and soft. Some would say fat. And when I say “some” I mean Jodi. And Michele. I gained 15 fluffy pounds this year, and have seen all of my numbers in the gym go backwards. This is not good for the brand to say the least. It also isn’t good for my longevity prospects. I find it super challenging to get motivated now that I am not motivated by competition. Being 90 years old seems really far away, so working out hard so I can kick ass at 90 doesn’t help me. I am so much fitter than most of the other dads I know that I am not motivated to avoid being “that dad” at the pool party; I have such a big buffer. So what do you do when you know you should care and you don’t? This is a new feeling for me but I imagine it is what more people than not face on a daily basis. I know eating right and exercising is important. I know that weighing ten pounds less and getting another 90 minutes of sleep everyday would make my life better. And I don’t do it. I stay up late, eat popcorn by the trashcan full right before bed, and I work out 2x per week. On a good week.

Michele was a game changer. I turned over control. I am no longer a good boss in this area of my life. I needed someone else to keep me accountable. Accountability is one of the reasons we are all here at XCF. Maybe your food is dialed, but you are weak. Maybe you are strong but terribly conditioned. Maybe you don’t move all day except to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen. The athletes and the trainers here are all invested in moving this community forward. Bring us the thing you don’t do a good job of managing and we will help you manage it.  Lots of folks aren’t good at managing every aspect of their lives. Recognizing which areas you need to turn over the reins is important. We want the same good things for you that you want for you. You want you to be awesome and we want to see you be awesome. Admit that you suck at the food and exercise part, and let the kick ass folks here help you crush it. You might already be coming here 5 days a week, but if you aren’t steadily moving towards ALL of your fitness goals than you are holding something back. Are you ready to give it up yet?


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