Bye Dan

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So we are currently experiencing a rash of people coming to XCF. Getting buff, and then taking their new found awesomeness and applying for epic jobs out of state and of course they are getting them because they are not only talented but now, thanks to XCF, also jacked. Dan is the 2nd one this month. He sent a note the other day describing his experience and I thought I would share it. I actually cried. My tears were carbonated. Thank you penguin.

“What sets Xplore apart from other Crossfit gyms is both the efficacy of the training as well as the camaraderie borne out of it. Jordan and the rest of the trainers are extremely talented coaches and do a phenomenal job of helping you reach as well as exceed your goals. In doing so, they also foster an environment where everyone is mutually invested in each other’s success, both in fitness as well as outside of the gym. Jordan refers to it as a “fitness-driven community.” I cannot think of a more apropos title for it than that, and I cannot recommend Xplore highly enough.”

Have fun in Boston Dan.


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