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We are in the midst of a nutritional challenge and it always bring up a lot of interesting stuff for folks. No matter what the constraints are there are going to be people who struggle to get on board. There are a lot of folks as well who will struggle to stay on board. The reasons are myriad. Birthdays, office parties, vacations planned before the challenge started, and a host of other reasons. Real reasons to be sure. They shouldn’t stop us though. 1 meal off plan. 1 whole day off plan does not have to be the end of the road. One of the things I hear the most are informal fallacies. I tell someone not to eat sugar and 4 out of 5 times the first thing out of their mouth is “well what about fruit?” First of all, I am talking about refined sugar, and sugar substitutes. The first is the likely fact that fruit is not the reason you are fat, sick, or weak. Further, all plants have some sugar in them. No one ever comes to me concerned about their consumption of vegetables though. “BUT WHAT ABOUT BUTTERNUT SQUASH?!” I encourage you to focus on the big picture. When you are stressed out what do you reach for? When you are bored and feel like eating where do you turn? Stop acting like you don’t know what I mean when I say sugar. And then stop eating it. You will feel better. I promise. You might go through all five stages of grief first. You might even go through them twice over but after that you will thank me.

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  1. Fructose is like a drunk aunt at a family reunion – she seems nice but wreaks havoc wherever she goes (c)

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