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It doesn’t take much more than the will to get better to get better. We want the answer to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive because then we have a reason to stay the same. If it required three hours of personal training every day or a VO2 max test, and a blood draw every week we could tell ourselves that the cost of pursuing fitness was not within our grasp. The reality is quite different though. It takes drive and little else. Granted, picking up heavy things is integral to our programming but if you are creative heavy things don’t have to be composed of machined steel with a 28mm shaft and needle bearing collars. Yesterday I did some aerobic power work with burpees and lunges. 11 burpees, 22 lunge steps, rest 1 min 16 rounds. It was humid, lonely, and hard but now I am a little better. Next time I will do twelve burpees and 24 lunge steps. It will certainly be even more unpleasant but I will get a little better. No equipment, no music, no workout partner. Just me and a desire to be better than yesterday.

Side note: The Kid is doing beautiful push-ups and lunges on the pool deck right now. I love how embarrassed the chubby Americans look when my pregnant wife is throwing down and they are reading Us Weekly and drinking something out of a coconut. They love to come up to us later and tell us about some hike they went on the day before and how later they are going to swim to some island off the coast.

We have moved to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and it is raining like mad I was thinking this morning how my butt hurts from the lunges, and how I really don’t want to have wet shoes, and how my ankle hurts a bit because I slipped on a mossy rock the other day, and how on and on and on I could go. Or I could just put on my shoes, get out my jump rope and get better.

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