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helpful shark

It is awesome that you told all of your friends that if they don’t start doing back squats they are going to end up in a nursing home in the next few weeks. It is super great that you told your mom that eating bagels is the same as smoking crack 3x a day. It means a lot to me that you only date guys who eat paleo and you won’t even go over to someone’s house if they think that quinoa is a complete protein so it is “pretty much the same as animal protein right?” These are all important things to stand firm on. But we will take it as no surprise that you have convinced no one to join your tribe. In fact your mom was almost ready to try grain free until you said it like that. Now she will keep on eating bagels for another year and then after someone at Curves tells her about paleo she is going to write on your Facebook wall wondering why you didn’t tell her about it years ago since you are so into this fitness stuff. And she is listening to a podcast by some guy name Ron Wolf or something and that you should really check it out. Your buddy will see the games on ESPN and think that is just the sort of kick in the metabolic nut sack that he needs and he will ask you if you have ever been to CrossFit.com. There are free workouts and sweet photos of people doing handstands on the beach. There is also something called the mobility wod and his back feels great. He knows you are always complaining about tightness so he will send you a link. There are so many people who actually do want to hear the message you are preaching but you are coming at them the wrong way. There isn’t one way. In fact that is probably part of the problem. Everyone is starting from a different place and coming to you with a completely different set of life experiences. I love the above picture for this particular idea because it represents that idea of you trying to be helpful but if you don’t know where someone is coming from let alone what they are trying to do then all of your “helping” doesn’t get you anywhere. Take your time with folks. Especially those closest to you. In the grand scheme of things one more piece of pizza and one more week of Zumba isn’t going to kill anyone so simmer down. Take off your Barbara Streisand, in the Prince of Tides, ass-masking therapist pantsuit for a moment and come at folks with a little compassion.

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