Brushing and wiping

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Some days it takes everything inside of you to just show up. You might be tired, a little sick, or maybe whatever is waiting for you on your desk at work makes you want to drive into the median during your morning commute. Regardless of the crap you are carrying on your shoulders it isn’t going to take much for someone to get both of your feet planted firmly in the center of their chest. All you need now is to walk into the gym and see thrusters and pull ups on the board and you want to just turn right back around and hope nobody saw you. Maybe from now on you might consider looking through the window to scope the training for the day before you even come inside. For those sessions that require all of your mental focus what do you do when your mental capacity is used up? Where do you find the resolve to move forward when all you want to do is curl up into the fetal position BEFORE the workout even starts? Everyone has those days. They hit us at different times and for different reasons. One thing I consider on those days is that the training is “automatic.” What I mean is that there are some things in life that we don’t skip no matter how rough things get. We don’t skip brushing our teeth. We don’t stop eating. At least we don’t stop for very long or very often. Maybe after a really bad run we may stop eating and brushing our teeth for a bit but I bet you still wipe thoroughly after you finish dropping the kids off at the pool. Some stuff just doesn’t ever get neglected. This is the “automatic” stuff. The things we don’t have to think about. The things that are non-negotiable primarily because we have moved them to a place that doesn’t require conscious thought. Can you move your training there? You have to some extent because you joined a gym where someone tells you what to do and too often they don’t even say it nicely. They are working on that though. What if the training becomes one more thing we just do all the time no matter what? No stress. No fear. No thoughts. Just do the work and get on with your day.

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