Brothas are doin’ it for themselves

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I am living the dream. 2 beautiful women at home who are totally into me.  I wear tennis shoes and Luon to work. I live in a great city. I participate in a great church. I have a wonderful family. I have the best job. I am surrounded by incredible friends. I am in great health.

I want more. Within my vision for Xplore CrossFit and the goals of all of the athletes here I have discovered my vision for myself as an athlete. I am going to the CrossFit games.

I am eating, sleeping, and training with this goal in mind. I would like your support in whatever capacity you can offer. This does not change who I am as your trainer. It means that there is and will be a clear delineation between JHo as athlete and everything else. I would like you to value my goals as I value yours. When I am in the gym as an athlete l want to maintain the focus that I expect every athlete here to maintain while they are training. Your support may be merely to stay out of my way at times. This too is an offering I will receive with gratitude. Consistency, tenacity, and humility will mark my path. I will succeed, but only with the foundation of my community supporting me. When I do succeed it will be with an integrity that provides God, my family, my friends, and every member of Xplore CrossFit an opportunity to be proud and honored to have been a part no matter how small. I am still here as your trainer. I just want to pursue my personal fitness goals in the same space alongside you. Let’s achieve incredible things simultaneously.

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