Boots? Cleats? Whatever. Just help.

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Your favorite brown babies are in need again. I am not talking about the medium roast beauties that Erin and I produced. I am talking about the extra dark roast hooligans down in Loskop at the Kwethu Children’s Village. Well, them and a bunch of ever more destitute ruffians from the surrounding villages. They are incredibly greatful for the donations we have made in the past and it has been over a year since our last big drop so it is time again.
One of the program directors is going to be in Seattle in a few weeks so we are trying to round up a bunch of crap for him to take back with him. They need 22 pairs of cleats. New or used shoes are acceptable. This is just one of the ways that we are serving these folks. We donate to their school fund, and we helped get a chicken farm off the ground as well. Protein deficiencies are quite common in that population. Being able to raise their own chickens as well as sell of the extra ones is quite a milestone.
Every time I have called upon you guys to help these kids out you have gone above and beyond. I expect nothing less this time. Below is a list of the need. There is really no limit though. Two years ago Erin and I took down twice as much as they asked for and every single thing was put to use. In fact the girls team that we outfitted went on to win the regional championship and got their picture in the paper.
# pairs            SIZE
   4                    7
   7                    8
   5                    9
   3                    10
  3                    11
 22  pairs
Let’s blow it out of the water again and send over 30 pairs of cleats. Barbara mentioned that goalie gloves would be sweet too if anyone has some of those to throw in the mix. We have a little over 3 weeks to get it all together.
Thanks in advance for helping to make this the most generous as well as the strongest fitness community in the Northwest.

I know I have put up this video before but it is too awesome not to post. How could you resist donating to help kids with no parents and who agreed to participate in this brand of ridiculousness?

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