Winter is here

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The Open is finally upon us. It seems like the 2015 CrossFit Games just ended and now the 2016 season starts tomorrow. Close your eyes for a minute and it will be time for regionals. For most of us the Open is a time to test ourselves. We have nothing to prove. There is no next step on the road … Read More

Awesome is a process

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I was born knowing how to snatch, and I could do strict pull ups before I could walk. The first time I picked up a jump rope I did 315 double unders unbroken. I remember my first day of school because it was also the day I did my first press to handstand and legless rope climbs. It wasn’t all … Read More

But what about fruit

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We are in the midst of a nutritional challenge and it always bring up a lot of interesting stuff for folks. No matter what the constraints are there are going to be people who struggle to get on board. There are a lot of folks as well who will struggle to stay on board. The reasons are myriad. Birthdays, office parties, … Read More

Grateful and intentional

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Only days left in 2015. Did you win? I know I set out with some lofty goals this year. The kind of goals you should pick one of but I decided to do all of the goals. Around March of this year I thought I was kicking so much ass I was almost stopping strangers on the street to let … Read More