It’s all about the shoes

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We are in week two of the CrossFit Games Open and if you are anything like me then you have a little bit of ground to make up if you want to win the open. Maybe we didn’t smash it week one but at least it was a PR! Let’s take the wins where we can get them. I am … Read More

How to win at life, and The Open

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The open season is finally upon us. I am back in action with another sweet open prep video. Tips on how to attack 15.1 and have fun while you are doing it. If you tuned in last year than you know what to expect. If this is your first year checking out our content then you are in for a … Read More

Xplore CrossFit believes in believing

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I love everything about this lift. 110k thruster. 75k bodyweight. Handsomeness in abundance. Watch the video and then let’s get into it. He didn’t make the lift and I still love it. In fact I love it because he didn’t make the lift but until it was over that was an unknown. He approaches the bar like he is about … Read More

Winter is coming

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t mart

It is about that time of year again when we spend $20 of our hard earned dollars to compete in the CrossFit Games Open. It is the cheapest way to find out just how many people in the world are stronger and faster than you are. In my case it is all of them but I am still going to … Read More

Xplore CrossFit likes to reflect

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I have spent 41 of the last 48 hours working hard to get the doors of Xplore CrossFit on Capitol Hill open. There have been a lot of frustrations. Boatloads. So many in fact that I have often lost sight of the wins and more importantly of the people who have been working alongside me to make it happen. Even … Read More

Xplore CrossFit likes play

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I dig this dude a lot. I resonate with what he has to say on a deep level. While what we do on a daily basis in the gym is a lot more structured the things he has to say about engaging the brain are truths connected to our practice. Double unders, power cleans, and box jumps are all ways … Read More

Xplore CrossFit believes in more of the same

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john g AC

We have been at the fitness thing for a long time now. It seems like it is a never ending cycle of back squats, burpees, push ups, box jumps, and awesomecycle. Fast, slow, long, short, for time, for reps, for rounds, for God and country, but still just more of the same. When is it going to change? It’s not. … Read More

Xplore CrossFit believes in anxiety and love

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November 1 I found out my CrossFit certificate expired December 1. I decided to sit for the level 3 exam instead of renewing my level 1. I heard it was crazy long, crazy hard, but thankfully it was only moderately expensive. 4 hour test with 160 multiple choice questions including 40 video analysis questions covering program design, screening and assessment, … Read More

Good[in] to Great

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XCF is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Some folks are kicking ass in the tech world making stuff a reality that the rest of us would have a hard time even dreaming up. Other folks are the grunts behind massive machines like Amazon and Microsoft but in their own way contributing to make the stuff we all take … Read More