Xplore CrossFit loves effort

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Right now I am sitting at the beautiful, and inspired front desk at the XCF Capitol Hill gym. There is a class going on, and two athletes caught my eye. I am watching them do some rowing intervals. One of the athletes has been doing CrossFit for about 2 years. The other is in her first class after completing the … Read More

Xplore CrossFit breeds champions of all sorts

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This past weekend 120 or so folks gathered together for the most mediocre and awesome CrossFit competition in world. I say mediocre because it is full of middle of the road athletes. I say awesome because every single one of them left it all on the table and that is to be celebrated. Based on what we see during the … Read More

Xplore CrossFit doesn’t like to play games.

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  This weekend I watched my daughter and a neighbor girl play hide and seek. In our living room. Now you know about hide and seek, but you don’t know about my living room. You can guess though that it is full of big wardrobes to hide in, and other large cabinets, a couple walk in closets with big empty … Read More

This is our week

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This is going to be our week. I mean it has to be right? It has all of our favorite movements in one workout. That might be a bit strong. In fact maybe you hate everything in this one but we are going to do what we do every week. We are going to suit up, chalk up, and get … Read More

It’s all about the shoes

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We are in week two of the CrossFit Games Open and if you are anything like me then you have a little bit of ground to make up if you want to win the open. Maybe we didn’t smash it week one but at least it was a PR! Let’s take the wins where we can get them. I am … Read More

How to win at life, and The Open

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The open season is finally upon us. I am back in action with another sweet open prep video. Tips on how to attack 15.1 and have fun while you are doing it. If you tuned in last year than you know what to expect. If this is your first year checking out our content then you are in for a … Read More

Xplore CrossFit believes in believing

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I love everything about this lift. 110k thruster. 75k bodyweight. Handsomeness in abundance. Watch the video and then let’s get into it. He didn’t make the lift and I still love it. In fact I love it because he didn’t make the lift but until it was over that was an unknown. He approaches the bar like he is about … Read More

Winter is coming

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It is about that time of year again when we spend $20 of our hard earned dollars to compete in the CrossFit Games Open. It is the cheapest way to find out just how many people in the world are stronger and faster than you are. In my case it is all of them but I am still going to … Read More