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Believe it or not some people in the world don’t like to exercise. They don’t work out. Ever. In truth neither do we. We don’t work out. WE TRAIN! But that is a post for another day. In fact there are sleeper cells within our very own gym community who actually don’t like exercise.  They recognize the value but secretly … Read More

The Butterfly Pull-up Effect

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The generosity of this community never ceases to amaze me. Raising money for the Movember foundation, supporting Joanna and her family during an incredibly difficult season of life, shoes for orphans in Africa. Sometimes it just involves showing up. And the folks that make up the XCF community show up in a big way. I am proud to be member … Read More


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Just a couple days out from our annual eating olympics. Last year I took gold in desserts, mashed potatoes, and overall consumption. And for what? The meat sweats? So my pants could fit a little tighter next week? Year after year folks end the holidays fatter and less fit than when they started. I have challenged folks before to hit … Read More

Get it fixed. Or at least checked out.

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I am just as guilty if not more so than every athlete I have ever encountered of waiting until I can’t dress myself before I go to the doctor. Why do we do this? You have insurance, a computer, and a car. What else do you need? But for some reason people come up to me for months telling me … Read More

I can run for president

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35 is pretty sweet so far. Lots of folks buying me lunches, dinners, and bringing me cake. If the rest of the year goes like this it is going to be awesome. And fattening. There is always a reason to deviate from the plan. Your birthday, boss’s day, Wednesday. There is always an excuse. We are playing a long game. … Read More

I am Spartish

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I “ran” a Spartan “race” this past Sunday with a few badass ladies from the gym. It was amazing. The race was great. It was well run, super fun, and very challenging, but that wasn’t the magical part. The amazing thing was watching people that work so hard in the gym week after week get the chance to put their … Read More

Why so serious?

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Lots of double unders today. Lots of angry faces, and throwing of ropes. Double unders are hard. Until they aren’t. And they only way to get good at double unders is to practice double unders. 3 to 1 single unders, 5 to 1, or even 10 to 1 is not going to get you closer. At some point you just … Read More