Be open to it

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The other day CI and I were in a Starbucks ranting about deadlifts and power cleans when a woman behind me taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I am a trainer. I confirm and then she jumps into her story. I love a good story and I always am happy to add to the list of places that I have taught someone to be a better mover. Long story short this woman didn’t appreciate the squat. She didn’t know how, she didn’t fully comprehend the importance, but she was ready and willing to learn so we got down to business right then and there. It was super fun and she was a great student. She had a long way to go and the 10 or so reps before the ones in the video she fell over backward which is why I am standing right behind her and cuing knee position. What makes me happy about this video is how open she was to learn new stuff. So what she is in a skirt and tights studying for an exam. No big deal that we are in a Starbucks and I am a stranger. She heard something in my speech that gave her a nudge and she followed it. I love it when people are willing to take the leap, big or small. Do you take chances? Not like unprotected sex in the bathroom at the triple door chances. I am talking about the chance to shift your paradigm. The chance to look at the world through new lenses or even something as simple as asking a question in a coffee shape and following through on whatever the answer leads you toward. I hope she is back squatting sick sick weight in her garage these days. I don’t know but I hope so and because she was willing to take a chance she just might be.

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