Awesome is a process

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I was born knowing how to snatch, and I could do strict pull ups before I could walk. The first time I picked up a jump rope I did 315 double unders unbroken. I remember my first day of school because it was also the day I did my first press to handstand and legless rope climbs. It wasn’t all easy though. I remember being 9 or 10 and struggling to get my snatch over 100k. I had similar problems with the deadlift. I was stuck at 595# from age 12 to age 14. It was so embarrassing. You can probably relate.

Obviously none of this is true but people make assumptions like this all of the time. They assume that everyone already doing this stuff has been awesome at it since they walked in the door. It is a silly assumption. Nobody is good at all of it when they start. Some folks come in with a few more skills or maybe they adapt slightly faster than you, but at some point they were whipping themselves in the face with a jump rope, and doing power cleans like that had some sort of neuromuscular deficiency.

I don’t care if you can do 10 strict pull ups, or if you need 10 bands to do 1 pull up you are on the path and that is what matters. Don’t chase me or anyone else. Run your own race. Your progress is magnificent no matter the pace.ORN

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