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What are your fitness goals? I have the answer. It is XCF Plus. It is free with your membership. It isn’t a new thing. Think of this more as a reminder of your benefits. If you are already a member and you aren’t taking advantage of the the plus package you are a fool. Basically you come in here 3-5 times a week PLUS eat well. There are three different options and two can be combined for extra special results. Plan 1 is for folks with too much mass. If there is more of you than you would like than you should follow plan one. Eat less. Plan too is the opposite. If you are Nate Vail or Nate Vail like and you want to look more like Chocolate Muscle then you should be on plan 2. Eat more. Plan 3 is my favorite and can be combined with plan 1 or 2 for extra awesome results. Eat better. Right quantities combined with high quality is AMAZING!

I dig this girls experiment highlighting the differences in food quality even in a category that we would assume is pretty good. Not all vegetables are created equal. Are you clear on what you are putting into your body?

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