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We have been opening for two months but now somehow it is official. Maybe we are “Super” open now. When your opening is grand it just makes you feel better than other people. Generally just being a member of a CrossFit gym brings an air of superiority but this is like having legit credentials in awesomeness. I am just going to come right out and say it. The whole event was awesome. Kicking it off with almost 40 people simultaneously working out in what can only be described as the greatest team workout of all time was quite a site. Lots of new faces in the gym, a whole lot of reps completed, and a great sense of camaraderie even among strangers. Almost 15,000 reps done by 7 different teams. After the sweat and tears came the bbq. Bitterroot brought some epic animals to the scene and we clearly underestimated y’alls consumption ability. We ordered a second round and in an effort not to be outdone Bitterroot backed a dump truck of pulled pork up to the gym. It turns out a flatbed truck full of pork was enough to sate the masses as well as feed my girls and I for the last three days.

Thanks to everyone who came out to workout and support us. Thanks to the vendors who donated awesome prizes for our raffle. We raised a few hundred dollars which is enough to buy another batch of chickens for the orphanage. I appreciate how much everyone puts into the community at XCF. Our gym is awesome because the people in are awesome.10% of the awesome probably comes from the sweet white board design. Someone at the gym came up with that design. It doesn’t matter who.

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