Certifications and Continuing Education: CrossFit Level 4, C.S.C.S, CrossFit Nutrition, Barbell, and Mobility Certified, Olympic Lifting Clinic with Greg Everett, Olympic Lifting Clinic with Mike Burgener, BSC, SSC

Jordan is a fanatical and tenacious work in progress. He loves God, his wife Erin, his children, fitness, and food. Sometimes in the wrong order. Jack Q introduced Jordan to CrossFit in 2006 with a gem of a workout called Fran. It was a fifteen-minute pain storm that dramatically altered his life. CrossFit put words to something that Jordan had been chasing in the gym but was unable to define.

“[CrossFit] always existed, Tyler just gave it a name.” Jordan was armed with a clear definition of fitness, and the tools to help people pursue it. This was a pursuit taking them to the very limits of their capacity. Jordan is driven to change lives and build the best training program in Seattle. Jordan loves to take people to the dark place in their workouts. It is here that you learn what is inside you. Jordan believes that  people experience growth in the gym that goes well beyond stronger limbs, greater ranges of motion, bigger deadlifts, and muscle ups. Often it is an increase in mental toughness that marks growth in the gym. That growth counts big time!  Jordan also thrives on the community aspect of CrossFit. In Jordan’s world the gym is not just a place, but a people connected by a shared vision. Whether you are fighting for your first pull up or learning how to put a massive weight over your head it’s important to have a supportive environment with folks who are struggling and pushing along side you.   As an athlete Jordan is driven to be as rounded as possible. He finds something he sucks at and works until he doesn’t suck anymore. Except when it comes to pistols. He has comes to terms with sucking at those. As a trainer Jordan wants to see people get better everyday. You don’t ever have to perform an iron cross or deadlift a tractor, but you do have get a little more work done in a little less time day after day. Jordan loves that everyone suffers in CrossFit. No matter how good you become at the sport of fitness you will have “one of those days.” His worst workout experience ever was a heavy version of Fran shortly after donating blood. It wasn’t my best idea and it was certainly the closest I have ever felt to dying.