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Eat, sleep, lift. That is all it takes. I would even argue that the order of importance should be as such. No amount of sit ups (not even glute ham sit ups you silly Russian) are going to get you to the grail if you are not putting good stuff, and a reasonable amount of it, in your tank. How you fuel your body matters more than how you move that thing. I am all for more movement. I am even more excited about heavy stuff getting moved, but aside from Kai who is literally made of abs, it is going to take a good deal of effort outside of the gym to make what happens inside the gym most effective.

Are you still eating cereal for breakfast? Stop it.

“Oh but it’s Kashi Organic Sprouted Wheat Crisps with Quinoa and Flax Seed and Soy Nuts”

Oh well excuse me super foodie. Maybe that box should have a cape on it.

It’s not helping you. In fact there is very little that comes in a box that is helping you. That is a lie. Concept 2s and Airdynes come in boxes and they are awesome. Barbells come in tubes but the sweet 125# db that we just got came in a box. If you really want something out of a box for breakfast carry that bad boy around for the 10 min instead of eating your two slices of Dave’s Killer Bread with almond butter. You know, for the protein.

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  1. Jordon, I agree with everything in this post. Well spoken, however your opening statement about the order is eat, sleep , work is not supported… Please post a follow up… I would live to read it!

    1. All things being equal if I completely remove one from the equation, lifting is the only one I could take away that would lead to a short and sad life.

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