A bucket full of geniuses

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“What’s his name” shared this video with me the other day and I dug it so I am sharing it. It struck me for two reasons. The first was the notion of intersecting minds. I think one of the reasons that CrossFit is so incredible is that it is an ever evolving intersection of minds in terms of programming, recovery, nutrition, community, etc. At its core CrossFit is simply an objective, the route to which is constantly changing and never singular. The second reason this video resonated with me so well is because I believe on a micro level XCF exemplifies this intersection quite well. We are constantly testing and tweaking our methods continuing to pursue best practices while never shirking the most important piece which is the human element in our gym. There are so many thoughts and personalities filing that space at any time it is inevitable that creative solutions to present problems will be discovered. How do we make Fred and Clancy better at the same time? The trainers and athlete mentors at XCF are growing right alongside every member of our fitness community as we strive to deliver the best we have on a daily basis. I am excited to see where we go as a gym in the next year. There are some super exciting changes on the horizon.

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