Canadian throwdown

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This past weekend some athletes from XCF went up to Victoria to compete in the winter throwdown. This was the second year for this annual competition hosted by CrossFit Taranis. It brought together over 100 individual competitors and 20 teams. The competition was fierce in every category. CI competed in the individual men’s advanced category and Clancy competed in the individual women’s advanced category. The individual competition went down on Saturday and it involved four events. The first event was max consecutive pull ups. This involved an interesting pull up standard in which the chin had to break the horizontall plane of the bar, which is normal, but it also had to break the vertical plane of the bar. This meant athletes meant athletes who rely solely on the butterfly pull up were s.o.l. if they couldn’t revert back to a standard kip. This was probably the worst first event possible for CI since he has been off pull ups for a few weeks due to elbow tendonitis. He put up 30 reps which wasn’t too shabby considering he got called for several reps and he was working with gimpy arms. Clancy also put up 30 reps which surprised no one but me. I was surprised she didn’t do 70 but I am still proud of her.

The second event was a 1 rep max squat clean. CI is practically an Olympian in the clean. He PR’d by 15# with 260# in the clean. He also did the prettiest cleans of anyone in the competition. I love watching that boy lift. It is a damn shame that is bones are so brittle. Clancy came out of the gate swinging. She opened up higher than half the ladies finished. She cleaned 160 pounds for a PR as well. There was some UGLY lifting going on this weekend and I was so pleased how well our athletes performed. In the first three events CI and Clancy didn’t do the most work but there work was beautiful and consistent.

The third event was 20 minutes of backwards single unders, air squats, double unders, and running. I was pretty psyched to see how well prepared our athletes were for the unknown and unknowable. Too bad it wasn’t backwards double unders or the other athletes wouldn’t have stood a chance. Again our fragile CI got a bad draw since jump roping and running for extended periods gives my man shin splints so it is always better if you put them together AND make it a twenty minute suck fest. He owned that workout though blazing through the jump rope and squats so fast every round that it hardly mattered that he was moving at a mall walker pace on the run. Clancy crushed this workout. Some early mistakes on double unders but once she found her groove she was killing it.

The fourth event was 15 wall ball and 10 burpees 3 rounds with a 5 minute time cap. Irvine and Clancy both crushed this workout. Irvine moved up in the ranks and Clancy held on to 5th in a fiercely close finish for the advanced women’s category.

The final workout was a brutal barbell complex. It involved 9 deadlifts, 6 power cleans, and three squat clean thrusters, 5 rounds for time. Every athlete in the competition was dragging but they all stepped up for one last beating. The women’s weight was 95# and the men’s weight was 135#. There were nine heats and at least half the athletes in each heat were unable to complete the workout in the allotted time. Irvine was hanging on by a thread but he represented XCF well. I felt like a dad at a little league game sitting on the sidelines cheering. After he finished his judge actually came up to us as we were talking and said he was really impressed by Irvine’s form on all of the lifts. What else do you expect is what I twas thinking, but “he moves well” is what actually came out of my mouth. My boy has such beautiful squats. Irvine’s squats might cure cancer. It’s never been tested so I can’t really say but there is just something about them. Clancy absolutely devastated the competition in this workout. Not only did she put up the fastest female time by MINUTES up to that point she put up the fastest time period. Two women ended up beating her by a few seconds in the last heat but it was an amazing performance by some of our best athletes. She performed amazingly among a group of stellar athletes. After the last workout she started to limp and by the next day she wasn’t even walking wall. This did not stop her from competing in the team competition the next day.

Stay tuned for a the extremely late recap of the team competition.

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