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Believe it or not some people in the world don’t like to exercise. They don’t work out. Ever. In truth neither do we. We don’t work out. WE TRAIN! But that is a post for another day. In fact there are sleeper cells within our very own gym community who actually don’t like exercise.  They recognize the value but secretly they blame Aidan for all of the sadness in their lives.  And what about the folks who have never been in a gym at all?

If you have never been in a gym or have one of those increasingly common cases of exercised induced sadness this can seem like a scary place.  It doesn’t have to be though. In the beginning people put so much more on themselves than we place on them as trainers.

“I won’t be good enough.”

“I will slow the class down.”

“I will die”

“I don’t want to look stupid.”

“I don’t want to be the worst one in the class.”

And my all time favorite: “I should probably get in better shape before I start working out.”

There is no starting criteria. The pace of the class is not based on athletic abilities. We vary our workouts by degree not by type. You will pass out before you die. And if you die you will die a hero. But you won’t die. Probably. And to the final consideration, this is how you get fit. It is not what you get fit for. We trains as a means. It is not the end.

Take a step. Take a leap. Take a risk. There is good stuff and good people here.

And if you are already a hard charging athlete showing up 5 days a week then find something that scares you. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a guaranteed path to awesomeness.

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