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I know what you are thinking. “If JHo had an iPhone 4 the photo quality would be significantly better.” I am sorry but I just can’t do it. Why would I want a device that limits my face time calls to wifi connection points. WEAK! Anyhow, I must confess this photo was taken in line at a Baskin Robbins. Not only was I out for ice cream but it wasn’t even good ice cream. Some of you remember the week long(16 day) binge that I went on after the regional qualifier debacle. Well it seems I have only taken short breaks to nap between feedings because I weighed in at a magnificent 211 this morning up from my competition day weight of 199. I must admit though that 199 was probably due to dehydration from hot yoga which can certainly be considered a contributing factor in the sitting down to drink water portion of the OHS/DU couplet at the competition. As is the grand tradition on the XCF blog, I digress.

I am always always always taken aback when I see people feeding their porcine children things that are certainly pushing them toward an even earlier grave. I understand that it was this type of behavior that got the kids to this girth in the first place so they are just keeping with tradition. The situation is common but the t shirt is what made the whole day magical. The fact that the shirt encouraged more fruit and vegetables was awesome enough but the added bonus was the “be active” addendum that made me pee myself right there in line. Neither the irony of the shirt nor the monumental levels of silent judgement I was dispensing discouraged from ordering a fudge brownie sundae. The insulin spike was totally worth it.

The take-away though was not a tongue lashing for parents about proper nutrition for their wards but for the leniency that we allow ourselves to take because of the work we put in at the gym. It is the most ridiculous barometer in the world but in the back of my mind I hold that as long as I have a six pack things can’t be that bad. UNBELIEVABLE! I use my muscle definition like a get out of jail free card. A license to insulin spike if you will. I have discovered that I am just as guilty, and just as prone to indulge as everyone else to lie to myself. I am sure you are familiar with the adage, “practice what you preach.” A friend of mine was recently having a conversation with Rick Warren and he had an interesting spin on the phrase. He called his congregation to “preach what you practice.” What if our message was based on our lives instead of trying to base our lives on our message? How many of us would be waving the same flag if the inscription was based on what we did instead of what we said? I know with certainty that there is no place for ice cream in the diet of someone pursuing optimum wellness let alone elite fitness. I have fallen into several common traps. I am young. I am not competing any time soon. I am healthier than most. Each of this is a diversionary tactic but the only person I am really trying to fool is me. How are you lying to yourself? Why?

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