“Sometimes I am a badass.” -MA 1821-20??


I was inspired today by an email I received from my favorite complainer. Believe it or not MA is my longest running client. She has lost over 30 pounds, continues to set PR’s and still has ever-changing short and long term fitness goals. MA tripped about a week ago and sprained her ankle. She called me the next day to see if it was still ok if she came into the gym to train. As I am sure you guessed, I did not approve of such an absurd request. I do not think it is ok to come into the gym when you are injured. I EXPECT you to come to the gym when you’re injured. She subbed rowing for running for a few days and actually hit a 1k row PR last week. She emailed me yesterday with a report which I have pulled pieces from to highlight the general bad-assness of one of our more senior and whimsical participants. It is a mutil-point scoring system.

At the end of the week she “went to see the doctor about my ankle yesterday because it’s still hurting.” She had been icing everyday(Awesome) but it still hurt to walk around. I love the fact that one of our silver foxes

[SIDEBAR] Silver Fox n. 50+ ladies of XCF (regardless of the fact that none of the 50+ ladies of XCF actually have a grey head of hair)

works out for a week before going to see the doctor. Bad Ass point number one. Also in the email she let me know that “after reviewing the x-rays they took yesterday that I actually have a broken ankle.” Not only was she kicking ass in the gym but she was doing it with a broken bone. A BROKEN BONE. 178 years old and working out with one good leg. Next time we do fight gone bad, August 24th and Sept 15th F*ing.Y.I., I don’t want to hear any whining. BROKEN BONE FOLKS! Bad ass point number 2. My favorite part is yet to come. She proceeds with “I’ve now got a proper brace on and that’s helpful with ambulating around.” Helpful, not essential, just helpful. As if to imply that she was fine bustin chops with hooks and jabs but now she can pivot on her peg leg and roundhouse you in the face with her good leg now that she has a proper brace. That makes 3 bad ass points thus far.  The crowning gem of the whole email comes now. “Anyway, I expect to be at the evening class later today, so see ya then.  I can still work out” See ya then she says. Oh so cool and casual like I left my water bottle at home. Bad ass point number 4. Oh did I mention one of my bones was in pieces? I can still work out though. The email goes on with exercise restrictions and bla bla bla. I love the real life stories of how CrossFit, especially Xplore CrossFit, makes monsters out of people. Who would have guessed that Marianne Adler was still game to kick you in the junk with a broken foot? We have the toughest crew ever.