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Today marks the 1 year mark for XCF at 1223 Western Ave. If you were with us before we moved from our old location than you know not only just how much of an upgrade this place is but how much went into making this place a reality. Some of you probably remember our first few workouts were in the dark because we had some “issues” with Seattle City Light. That being said the technician who finally got us on line was nothing short of amazing and he pretended not to see me cry.

No parties this time around. Just a note to say thanks to the people who went above and beyond to make this possible. I called in every favor and people rose to the occasion in a way that still makes me a bit emotional. If I thanked every person for their incredible contributions this post would go on forever. You know who you are and you know what it meant and means to me so forgive me for not mentioning you by name. My gratitude is overflowing. Some people I may never get the chance to truly repay for everything they have done. I will try to do everything that we dreamed and more when we worked to make this place real.

Actually 2 people are getting a direct shout out. Not being they specifically had a direct hand in what made this place possible or what makes this place continually great but because as I discovered just under two years ago there is something about the role of dad that is special and often under appreciated.

Thank you to my own father for believing in me. The money and the trust that my folks put on the line was nothing short of amazing and even if my mother was loaning me money and cosigning leases without really knowing exactly what my father was signing her up for I am eternally grateful.

Thank you to Mr. Mullett(Riley’s dad) who literally gave and gave and gave even of his own time and his two sons with their respective skills, and efforts. He gave in ways that probably made him uncomfortable at times which I won’t go into details about but for which I am honored to have been supported and trusted.

This past year has been full of challenges, setbacks, incredible accomplishments, and PR’s. I am glad we are here. I am glad it is us. All of us. You guys make this place great. I get told at least once a month by a member departing for a new job or new home that XCF is one of the things that they love most about Seattle. That is heavy. We, all of us, are part of  many lives in ways we are not even aware of. So many lives have been touched and so many people have yet to experience the most incredible fitness community in Seattle, maybe even the Northwest. Let’s show them.

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