300…well up to 265

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Testing week is a lot like Hanukkah in a way because there are just so many days of awesomeness back to back. We are seeing lots of PRs this week and it is only Tuesday. AC, bench press, snatching, deadlifting, it is hard to decide which part has been my favorite. But it’s not. 10 min on the awesome cycle is by far the most magical thing that happens in here. It is surprisingly unmagical anywhere else though so don’t try to replicate the experience anywhere else. This is a safe place with a safe word. “Chocolate Bear” is our safe word by the way in case you didn’t know that. If you are getting some help stretching or rolling out your gritty bits then you should know the safe word and if you do it at home the same rules apply. 300FY makes me so happy that I put together a little montage for myself of some of the happy people who experienced the joy this week

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