Xplore CrossFit believes in strong people

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mal passing a stone

Being strong is awesome. If you have never been strong than it is hard to imagine just how empowering it is to be strong but you can certainly understand how lame it is to not be strong when you need to be. It is a lot like health insurance. It really sucks to need it and not have it. I love hearing stories from folks who have been with us for a while after they finally get to test their fitness in the real world. Moving day, car out of gas, dead body to dispose of(I told you bodyweight zercher lifts had a point) or maybe just not being “that” dad at your neighbor’s kid’s pool party. The confidence, the courage, and the knowledge that you don’t need a hand is such a powerful feeling. I want everyone to be stronger. Sometimes I take the strength coaching too far. I once cheered on a women in a Costco parking lot as she struggled to get a mattress into her truck. I could have helped her in 3 minutes but instead I coached her about lifting posture for 10 and then talked her through the loading for another 10. When she got that thing in there though she was pumped. Super sweaty. But also super pumped. The things we do in the gym have so much relevance outside of the gym. There isn’t “too strong.” There is only strong enough for the thing in front of you. Since we don’t know how heavy or hard or long the next thing is going to be, we might as well just keep getting as strong as we possibly can.

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