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food slap


There are so many reasons to eat cake and so few reasons not to eat cake. And most of the really really good reasons not to eat cake really only seem like a problem if I eat an absurd amount of cake for many many days in a row. Like, cake today doesn’t equal the beetus tomorrow. In fact cake for every meal of every day for the next month probably wouldn’t do it either. My pants probably wouldn’t fit very well after only a few days on my cake diet but I wear a lot of luon so maybe it wouldn’t even bother me that much. You’ve gotta love that 4-way stretch. So what’s the incentive? Like the answer to just about every other question, it depends. It comes down to your why?  Why do you train the way you train? Why did you eat the way you eat? Date that guy? Do that job? Live in that apartment? I am obsessed with the why and it is the why that gives you the motivation and the resolve to do the thing. Whatever yoru thing may be. You don’t eat gluten because it makes you sick. That is a good why. You don’t eat gluten because it makes your wife sick and you want to be on the same team. Good why. You are trying to _______ fill in the blank. I don’t care what is there as long as something is there and it is true and meaningful to you. Skinny jeans, swimsuit season, avoid looking like your mom when you are a mom, trying to not be “that dad” at the pool, or plain indignation. All good whys if they are the one that gets you into the mental space you need to be in to get the hard work done.

You spend 1 hour a day in the gym and 23 hours a day out in the delicious and dangerous world with unlimited opportunities to add to or take away from the hard work you put in. Choose wisely.

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