Come out of your cave

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I watched the movie The Croods on the airplane the other day. Along with making me miss my daughters tremendously there were a few concepts in the movie that deeply resonated with me.

Sidebar: Does every dude with daughters go through seasons of getting choked up over nearly every father/daughter interaction they read about, see on tv, or witness in the grocery store?

Anyhow papa caveman is talking to his daughter about life and such and a piece of the exchange was impactful.

Grug : It is my job to worry. It is my job to follow the rules.

Eep: the rules don’t work out here

Grug: they kept us alive

Eep: That wasn’t living. It was just…not dying.

Just about everything I see, read, and hear I can relate to parenting and training. This particular one made me think about a lot of conversations that I have in the gym with athletes at varying stages of their fitness journey.

“I eat clean but…”

“I am doing everything right but…”

The “but” says so much. You have this code, or a set of guidelines that you run an arena of your life by and it isn’t working the way you want it to but you won’t change anything. You are committed to mediocrity. I don’t want to see my athletes survive. I want to see them thrive. Do you even know just how good it feels to feel good? What if the best you’ve ever felt is very good relative to just how good you are capable of feeling? Try something new. Take a running leap instead of a baby step in a new and scary direction.



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