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Before I was married a friend gave Erin and I some sound advice. If you want to be happy in marriage then don’t be selfish. It seemed so easy. I wasn’t really a selfish person and she didn’t seem all that selfish so we were definitely going to kick marriage in the ass. It turns out that after we got married and moved in together that she had been hiding something from me. She was actually the most selfish person in the entire world. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it had been simultaneously revealed that I was the most selfish person in the enitre UNIVERSE. We worked on that for a few years and would have told people that we had pretty much arrived on the exciting frontier of selflessness and humility. We had become the two most other-centered people on the planet. At least we thought so until we had a baby. It turned out that she was still selfish beyond reason which again wouldn’t have been a big deal if I wash’t the captain of three selfishness teams and the president of a secret seflishness society. It is amazing how some of the changes in life seem to be nothing more than giant mirrors with which to see our glaring flaws. This happens in the gym all of the time. We think we are awesome at something until someone walks in who shows us what awesome really is. We think we have finally stamp out all of our weaknesses until something comes up that makes us look and feel like an idiot. Anyone ever get mad at their jump rope? Don’t run from the mirror. The “mirror” is your friend. Our goal is not to stay the same. Life itself does not approve of such things. Nature has a way of dealing with those who refuse to change. This doesn’t mean that change is easy. It means that embracing change is to our benefit. An early step in change is identifying that which needs to change. What are the reflective surfaces in your life and what are you doing with what you see there?

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