more than enough is too much?

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This week I went from training 5 or 6 days per week down to 4. It was a tough call. It was even tougher to execute. In fact I could still blow it. It is 5:28 on Saturday and I am not thinking about dinner and a movie. I am thinking about a 1000m row repeats. Who wants to do 1k row repeats, EVER?! Maybe I could do some 50m swimming sprints. I didn’t jerk at all this week. Maybe just some skill work after the C monkey is in bed won’t be a bad idea. It doesn’t help that it is colder in my house than it is at the gym. (Stupid 20 foot ceilings with floor to ceiling glass seemed so awesome in the summer) I like many of you continually have to fight the “more is more” battle. We know it isn’t true. We probably have personal experience with how false this notion is but we still have to make the decision over and over not to do more than we need just we are doing less than we want. This is true inside and outside of the gym. Do you ever really stop working? How many times do you check Facebook? Are you one of those “I need an idea let me just check pinterest real quick?” Nobody checks pinterest real quick. Less is hard. Incredibly hard. Less can be good for you though. Sometimes it is only in hindsight that we get to appreciate the more we had when less is our present. Before the monkey was born E talked to me about wanting more sleep, more money, and more time to herself. Fast forward 2 years and take away one income and now I just want to go back and punch both of us in the face for being idiots. I guess I wouldn’t punch E because two years ago she was pregnant. I guess even not pregnant I still wouldn’t punch her but I would have shaken her pretty good. Back to the point at hand though, try a little less and see how it goes. You know where you could use a little less. I know what my things are and I chipping away at them. I haven’t been into the gym in 24 hours and 40 minutes and I don’t plan on going back in there for another 36 hours and 2 minutes.

Maybe I should put it a rope in at home. We certainly have the height for it and one rope climb OT5  xFriday at 5pm-Sunday5pm might warm me up a bit.

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  1. Good call. Maybe I should tell my boss.
    Cheers from Paris and looking forward to see you on the XF games on TV. I’ll get the ESPN subscription just to watch you.

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