Who’s your daddy?

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Before Charlie was born lots of guys kept telling me that as soon as I held my daughter for the first time my world was going to be rocked and everything was going to change. I would be swept out to see in a tidal wave of emotion. I am sorry to report that no such thing happened. In fact my first thought was “she is so small, Erin why is our baby so small?” Armed only with TV images of new borns I was unprepared for the tightly swaddled miniscule bundle that was presented to me. In fact the only concrete and highly impactful thought that I had regarding my new role came to me as we were putting the C monkey into her car seat for the first time. Two other families were discharged at the same time. Just like us a tired woman was following behind a nervous looking dude carrying a car seat like a bowl of nitroglycerin. Just like us they spent way too long putting the carrier into the car. Just like us they wondered why we were allowed to even leave the hospital without passing some sort of test first. Unlike us the dude already “looked” like a dad. They had that dad body type. You know the one. Stomach sticks out more than your pecks, possibly had their shirts tucked in, and didn’t look like they could hang from a bar let alone do a pull up. The most powerful thought I had that day was “I will NEVER look like that guy.” Lucky for me I was in the fitness biz. My 40 hours or more per week were spent in the place people go to avoid looking like “that guy.” What were those guys to do? They had a lot going on in their life right then. They didn’t have the time? Money? Energy? Take your pick. Some would say that the big belly, weak back, and high blood pressure is the price you pay for a well funded college savings account, a decent 401k, and a mortgage. Really though?

Just walk inside of XCF and you will see my counter argument. Dads kicking ass and lots of it. These dudes are rejecting the profile. They will not be sidelined for camping trips, sporting events, and general father child mayhem. I am proud of these men for bringing home the bacon(giving me some every month) and simultaneously getting better, faster, stronger day after day. There are many more like these dudes among our ranks but these are few of the dads I am giving a shout out to today. Keep it up men. You are the harbingers of a fitness revival among a generation of individuals who have been lulled into the belief that you can’t go back. You can. You have. And you are better for it.

Damn, we should put a calendar together with all of the sweet meat we have inside this gym.

Bryan and and Charles are tied for top Dad at XCF. Charles is single handedly raising triplet sons, with the help of his awesome wife Carrie. Bryan is Jewish and can do double unders, deadlift 400# and taught his, also jewish son, to play baseball WELL!

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