Boots? Cleats? Whatever. Just help.

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Your favorite brown babies are in need again. I am not talking about the medium roast beauties that Erin and I produced. I am talking about the extra dark roast hooligans down in Loskop at the Kwethu Children’s Village. Well, them and a bunch of ever more destitute ruffians from the surrounding villages. They are incredibly greatful for the donations … Read More

Jacked and Brown

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Patty Brown is a dabbler. She likes yoga. She loves spin. She takes pilates, barre classes and she comes to CrossFit. I dig it. CrossFit is totally my thing. It happens to be just one of Patty’s things and I am totally cool with that. In fact I am pumped about it. Patty is doing what she loves. She just … Read More

Don’t always do your best?

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There is a critical difference between our training and what we are training for. Our training prepares us for whatever that thing is. When the thing comes up we go all out. We put in 100%. You might even dig a little deeper than that because your mom is there and she is wearing a t shirt she made with … Read More

But I am trying to help you

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It is awesome that you told all of your friends that if they don’t start doing back squats they are going to end up in a nursing home in the next few weeks. It is super great that you told your mom that eating bagels is the same as smoking crack 3x a day. It means a lot to me … Read More


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  I used to think there was only one path. It took me a long time to expand my thinking. It grew so broad over time that my capacity to develop myself and my athletes flagged due to lack of focus. I now move in a space in which I believe there are many paths, and I am an excellent … Read More

So says Seth

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“If your team is filled with people who work for a company, you’ll soon be defeated by tribes of people who work for a cause.” -Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception This statement makes me happy. It is inspirational to be sure and for some it might even serve as a wake up call or a warning but it makes me … Read More

Jon says

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The vast majority of your training time, regardless of your aim, should be spent at general physical preparation, embodied in simple couplets and triplets, strength training, and the occasional long-duration effort. Short, hard, intense. This intensity is much more important than volume. Remarkably more important. For the newer trainee, this means no two-a-days, no four-WOD Saturdays. No flash-in-the-pan volume accumulation. … Read More

Ab Factory

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Eat, sleep, lift. That is all it takes. I would even argue that the order of importance should be as such. No amount of sit ups (not even glute ham sit ups you silly Russian) are going to get you to the grail if you are not putting good stuff, and a reasonable amount of it, in your tank. How … Read More

One more is a lot more…sometimes

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After you have been doing this CrossFit thing for a while you stop making the crazy gains. Your deadlift doesn’t go up 10k per week and you don’t PR every single time you come into the gym. If you don’t understand the nature of change as it pertains to human performance than this can be discouraging. Even if you do … Read More