Beasts wear luon

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Beast Fest is a little over 12 weeks away and in order to make the time go faster we are putting out five Beast Challenges along the way. This is a way to share some of the fun stuff we are planning for Beast Fest as well as see what sort of monsters will be throwing their hat in the … Read More

Ira says back squat…sort of

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The other day I was accidentally invited to a dinner party. It was on a house boat. You are probably wondering why someone would invite me into their home and even worse onto a houseboat. You shouldn’t be alarmed though. Contrary to the stereotypes that Toby maliciously encourages I can swim, and I don’t steal. That is beside the point. … Read More

Extra ordinaries

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This gym is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I am talking about the obvious to everyone extraordinary to be sure but I am also talking about the “only you and I know how big a deal it was that you just did a deadlift” extraordinary. Everyone at XCF is running their own race and in a lifelong competition … Read More

Bring out the Beasts!

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  It is official. XCF is hosting our first fitness competition. It is happening September 21st and 22nd. It is going to be an old fashioned street fight. That is if street fights involved barbells, rocktape, and no one got punched in the face. So really the only thing this contest has in common with a street fight is that … Read More

The heat from your undercarriage

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We lift heavy stuff. A lot. We move fast. Really fast. Except Ted. This means that some of our parts can get a little beat up from time to time. This is not a problem if we make the time to care for our wonky bits before they get full on broken. I am a big fan of the preemptive … Read More

Does this skirt make me look jacked?

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  There are so many strong ladies at XCF it almost makes me emotional at times. Listening to women cue each other on power cleans is right up there with puppies, the chocolate lava cake at The Met and double rainbows. Today as I was watching Hoit, Lerner, Dagger, and Vaughn work on their hang power clean turnover I thought … Read More

2 vets and an audiophile

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I dig the summer at the gym because we get a lot of visitors. I love this place and the people who train here and quite frankly if I only got to train with the people that are here now that wouldn’t be a bad deal. It wouldn’t be perfect though because we would miss out on the untold awesomeness … Read More

Dynamic Mike

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Had a fun interchange with one of my favorite nutrition nut the other day about fish oil. Supplements in general can be a murky area for folks such that many don’t venture in for fear they will choose the wrong thing. Mike Kesthely from Dynamic Nutrition is one of the best in the business for defogging the undefoggable world of … Read More

Like you do

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“You know how when you are doing overhead walking lunges with kettlebells…” It makes me happy to think about you guys starting conversations at work and at home this way. I don’t know if it is true but it is how it happens in my head. Nathan was at a budget meeting the other day and he compared the company’s … Read More

spare change

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“Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists.” Thomas Friedman I don’t know how true that statement actually is but I like it. I would wager that if the notion were truly measurable world changes by optimists would outweigh world changes by pessimists. I believe that Seattle can be … Read More