This one is a bit different

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Have you ever been hit with a tidal wave of gratitude? This evening I was washing dishes when it happened to me. I had to sit down. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I wanted to talk to friends I haven’t spoken to in weeks, months or even years. I wanted to call and thank every … Read More

For Jack

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If you are like me then you  things that are awesome. You like the burger at Ma’ono chicken and whiskey, deadlifts, and Jack Reacher. I am big fan of Lee Child’s bad ass character but I am partial to Tom Cruise’s rendition as well. That’s right, I said it. Tom Cruise can be my vigilante for justice any day of … Read More

Why do you ask

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Continual learning is one of the core values at XCF. I want to keep learning as a trainer. I want you to keep learning as an athlete. I want to learn from you as well as facilitate your learning. This comes with a lot of questions. Mine and yours. I know why I am asking my questions. Do you know … Read More

Monday is also a holiday

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You probably aren’t going to work on Monday. I am not going to work either. It is a big day for America. The gym will certainly be closed and I am going to sit at home at watch season 4 of Arrested development in its entirety. If you aren’t a fan already you have the time to watch the first … Read More

I love penguin, therefore I don’t believe in paleo

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The bar has been raised. It hasn’t just been raised. It has been raised, gilded, and bedazzled. We invited some folks over for dinner last night and we got the usual “what should we bring?” Erin is black belt in the kitchen so there isn’t really anything to bring. Did you say bacon wrapped dates AND bacon wrapped pineapple? I … Read More

300…well up to 265

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Testing week is a lot like Hanukkah in a way because there are just so many days of awesomeness back to back. We are seeing lots of PRs this week and it is only Tuesday. AC, bench press, snatching, deadlifting, it is hard to decide which part has been my favorite. But it’s not. 10 min on the awesome cycle … Read More

So there is this woman…

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Our team training team is about to go to a whole new level. Maybe. Think positive thoughts all day, maybe light a candle, and help out a homeless person to bump your karmic influence.

Face it

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Top two fears in the gym are box jumps and rope climbs. I get the rope climb thing. If you fall from the top of the rope you will probably die. The box jump one confuses me a bit. No matter which one, if either, makes you gulp I am consistently pumped to see someone face their fears and then … Read More

One of the [C]ates

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Melissa Cate commutes further to work than you do. Probably by a good margin. She works more hours than you do. She is also back in school working on a graduate degree in something nerdy. She has all of the other stuff too like a spouse and kids in sports. And when I say kids in sports I mean one … Read More

365 days

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Today marks the 1 year mark for XCF at 1223 Western Ave. If you were with us before we moved from our old location than you know not only just how much of an upgrade this place is but how much went into making this place a reality. Some of you probably remember our first few workouts were in the … Read More