decompete [Jendro]s aren’t really known for…

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“The basic metaphor for decompetition is a battle or war. Decompetitors view the other through the lens of rivalry, and rather than hope that they perform at their best, I hope that they trip up. For decompetitors, opponents are obstacles to be overcome, enemies to be conquered, foes to vanquish. Decompetition, not competition, is the opposite of cooperation.” -David L. … Read More

Take 2 and give me your number

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It has been said that people are more likely to buy painkillers than vitamins. Exercise can be viewed and trained as a preventative, performance enhancing, shared suffering, as well as many other things. How do you view what happens at XCF? How do you relate it to someone else? Are we a vitamin or a pain killer. I think it … Read More

Thanks Leo

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I made 5 resolutions this year and I am only ahead of the game on one of them. I committed to read 52 books this year and I am killing it. I have even knocked out some epic tomes like the Count of Monte Cristo and I am still on pace. I recently made the poor choice of reading Game … Read More


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“At the most general level, competition and decompetition differ in relation to the basic metaphor that guides them. Competition reflects a metaphor of partnership. By this metaphor, each competitor is viewed as an enabler (in the positive sense) for the other; each requires the other to bring out the best in each. There is a synergy that results from the … Read More

Kid stuff

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You guys know how tough this can be so I thought I would post this incredibly inspirational video of a super uncoordinated girl getting jacked and slightly tanner whilst on vacation.  I want you to notice how this girl’s poor form does not go unnoticed nor is it left unaddressed by some woman off camera. I am assuming it is … Read More

Peer reviewed

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One of the coolest things about my job is that I not only get to help people create change in their lives but I get to help people help other people create change in their lives. Some of the ways this happens are super obvious like helping someone get fitter and they bring their spouse or their boyfriend into the … Read More

13.5 tips

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HERE is a video from Rudy at Outlaw CrossFit with some helpful tips for 13.5. If you are hoping to get more than 3 rounds you should check it out. We can talk more individual strategy when you are in the gym. If we get a 1st place finish on this workout as a team and 12 or more teams … Read More

Special price for you

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After the most recent PaleoFX gathering some cool folks got together and offered the mother of all “I am rediculously into all things paleo” starter kit. I don’t care if you are swimming in the paleo Kool-Aid or just checking out the lean hormonally balanced babes by the paleo pool there is probably something in here for you. Purchase the … Read More