I could hate CI professionally

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Sorry for the delay in getting this up. It is well worth the wait. You are probably starting to fully understand why the “I Hate CI Club” was initially founded back in 2008. We broke off regular meetings in 2011 but we are starting to see some renewed interest so stay tuned for updates on that front. If you were … Read More

We interrupt this epic series…

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So I have plenty more to say on the subject of vision clarity but we have to take a break to celebrate something only slightly related to our fitness community but so awesome that it can’t be ignored. You don’t have to be at XCF long to learn that all of our rowing machines have names. You may have even … Read More

Wins and Lessons part 3

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Continuing with the conversation from the past few days I decided to share part of my value searching process. This process can take time and put you in a very vulnerable place. I am open to responses to my process based on what you know of me in the gym. Is there alignment with what I think I want to … Read More

Wins and Lessons part 2

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What does the psychiatrist who needs to see a psychiatrist do? What about the coach who needs a coach? I know all of the answers. When my coach ask me a question I know the answer. I am not talking about the true answer. I am talking about the right answer. I know all of them. What is the point … Read More

Wins and Lessons part 1

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When I first got into personal training I thought I was just going to hang out in the gym all day and answer questions about being as awesome as I thought I was at the time. I would get to wear comfortable clothes, work out 6 times a day, help people who really only needed a nudge in the right … Read More

I hate CI primer

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I forget that not everyone has been on this XCF journey with me the whole time and I often make references that are lost on people depending on how long they have been with us. One of the most common references I make is to my man CI. He is one of my favorite people on the planet and our … Read More