is you good? i really want to know

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Nutrition is a big piece of reaching your fitness goals regardless of what they are. There are a lot of folks with a lot to say on the subject and it is super tough to sift through the crap. When you find someone you can trust hold on to them. Having someone you can trust not only to dispense information … Read More

some of the reasons

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Here is a follow up to the Fran video from the other day. CI asked me some questions about the workout and I give my thoughts as well as some bonus ridiculousness from one of the kids at the orphanage. It certainly speaks the the “constantly varied” portion of the CrossFit tenets that we adhere to. Even though our training … Read More

Vacation from work, not from training

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CI posted a comment to the travel post that reminded me of some pretty sweet footage that I had archived from our trip down to South Africa two years ago. We spent 10 days or so working at the orphanage that we help support through the 5% project and while we were there we did a lot of fun stuff … Read More

Pork chops

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Picked a sweet video from CI  recently and I wanted to share it. It isn’t a perfect correlate to what we are doing in here but I think there is some valuable stuff. A comment was made in the gym the other day about whether or not this was a safe space. Someone said things get really uncomfortable. I agreed. … Read More

It’s all in there

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I am a big fan of big things. I like Charles more now that he is bigger. He finally cracked the 200# mark. There aren’t enought places where weight gain is celebrated. Pregnant Clancy will always be my favorite Clancy. I like packages of toilet paper that are so big it is the only item I can carry in from … Read More

30 bucks

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I review food journals, field food related emails, or have conversations about food and its relationship with weight loss, muscle gain, or performance improvement almost every day of the week. Sunday is the only day that i take completely off and even though I don’t go into the gym or answer any email until late in the evening it is … Read More

You can call it a WOD on vacation

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Folks are frequently emailing me about their vacation plans and asking me to send them a few workouts to do while they are travelling.  Right out of the gate I am wondering “where is the journal full of workouts that I have been writing and you have diligently been recording for the past however long you have been coming to … Read More

Reflecting stuff

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Before I was married a friend gave Erin and I some sound advice. If you want to be happy in marriage then don’t be selfish. It seemed so easy. I wasn’t really a selfish person and she didn’t seem all that selfish so we were definitely going to kick marriage in the ass. It turns out that after we got … Read More

Pep in your step

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This makes me happy. If this doesn’t make you happy too then something might be wrong with you that even deadlifts and fish oil can’t fix. We can certainly talk about it though.

Tough call

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We make lots of decisions everyday. Most of them are pretty easy, in fact many of them have become almost automatic. It doesn’t take much mental effort to get your pants on. It might take considerable effort to choose which pair of pants to wear but once the selection of which pants has been made the next few steps are … Read More