Brushing and wiping

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Some days it takes everything inside of you to just show up. You might be tired, a little sick, or maybe whatever is waiting for you on your desk at work makes you want to drive into the median during your morning commute. Regardless of the crap you are carrying on your shoulders it isn’t going to take much for … Read More

Tomorrow Never Dies

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“My diet starts tomorrow.” My father has actually said that every day since we got here. When he said it last night I asked him about starting a diet on Christmas day to which he replied, with near disdain and incredulity at my lack of awareness concerning this obvious dietary caveat, “Christmas is a diet blackout date.” Well excuse me … Read More

Schedule Changes

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Schedule changes Dec 24th. 12 noon only Dec 25th Closed Dec 26th 7, 11, 5 Dec 31 6,7,11,4 Jan 1st 12 noon only Sending a little love from Sea-Tac airport.