Something’s gotta give

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I have referenced the book “The Fighter’s Mind” a few times but I was flipping through it today and looking at the things I highlighted and something jumped out at me today. “It can’t always get worse.” An athlete in the book was talking about training and to that place you can go in your head in the midst of … Read More

Just because

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Today’s finisher was a little rough on some folks. It turns out if you just go through it all super fast it doesn’t hurt as much. New gym rule! Fast at the beginning, fast in the middle, and fast at the end.

Care bear stare

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I have been in Arizona for the last four days having my brain crammed with information that will enable me to upgrade our prescription at XCF for all things relating to the pursuit of fitness. One thing in particular that stood out this weekend was caring. A model was presented in which competency, reliability, and caring were aspects of a … Read More