Who’s your daddy?

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Before Charlie was born lots of guys kept telling me that as soon as I held my daughter for the first time my world was going to be rocked and everything was going to change. I would be swept out to see in a tidal wave of emotion. I am sorry to report that no such thing happened. In fact … Read More

Rainier’s Strongest Man

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Saturday KD and I competed at the 7th annual Rainier’s Strongest Man and Woman event down in Sumner. It is a fundraiser for Fraxa and it is one of the most fun competitions in the Northwest. Kurtis and Laurie Bowler from Rainier CrossFit really know how to throw a party that includes lifting heavy stuff. I love watching XCF athletes … Read More


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Fear drives a lot of the decisions that we make. Too scared to start something. Too scared to stop doing something else. Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. All of the things we fear and the actions that we take because of that fear can be labeled a different way. Limiters. What we fear limits us. … Read More

…yeah but how do I…?

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CrossFit is legit. There is no denying the efficacy of mix modal, high intensity training, using primarily functional movements. Is it for everybody? Yes and no. Everyone can benefit. Not everyone will enjoy it. Enjoyment is a huge piece. If you don’t like it you won’t give it everything and whatever you hold back will be withheld in terms of … Read More

Jodipper. Get it?

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Jodi came into the gym the other day to do some testing. We were looking at some upper body gymnastics as well as a test to see what kind of engine she is working with. The video is Jodi doing a max ring dip test. She estimated that she could do 6-8 ring dips. She doesn’t have a muscle up … Read More

Don’t look at me like that

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No class Monday the 3rd, Tuesday the 4th, or Saturday the 8th this week. I expect big things on Wednesday since everyone should be so well rested. Less than a week until Nimz and Rosa get married. Did you get them something yet? I heard Nimz talking about wanting a set of these.