Don’t hate the player hate the grain

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If you have talked to me for more than 4 minutes you know that I hate JJ Abrams, fluffy white stuff, people who push elevator call buttons that are already illuminated, people who continuously push the crosswalk button as if that is going to make the light change faster, and gluten. As surly as I am at times you would … Read More

Leave your thing AND the cannoli

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You know, cause it’s not paleo. A few months ago I started to have serious hip pain. It got so bad that I couldn’t squat without pain, running was a horror show, and anything that required me to move fast in any direction was limited. It escalated and then my back went out. I went to see a massage therapist … Read More


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Today was the most epic WODfest yet. Granted, it was the 2nd Wodfest ever but isn’t it nice when things move in the right direction. This year had more teams, individuals, and a new location. We threw down at Gasworks park all day and completed as many as 5 events depending on your category. Marco had his 2nd competition experience … Read More

Pipe successfully hit

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One of the keys to success in athletic pursuits is staying cool under pressure. I excel at this. The other part is kicking ass all of the time. I have yet to perfect this part. The final event at the event this weekend involved 30 back squats at 225#, sled pulls, and db burpees. Now you know why I had … Read More

Hitting the pipe

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One of the things that makes CrossFit such a powerful stimulus for change is the competition aspect. Because our training is scored for reps, rounds, or weight there is an obvious motivation to dig a little deeper or go a little further. Our times are posted, weighed and measured. Everyone in our fitness community is exposed and while no one … Read More

Just one more thing

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Before Charlie was born Erin and I took a birthing class so that we could learn every single thing you needed to know about having a baby. In six weeks we became experts on the subject. Erin delivered Charlie 25 minutes after her first contraction, in our living room. She also made a killer pork shoulder that evening. Fast forward … Read More

Real [schedule] change

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The morning class schedule is changing a bit. 6am classes are now Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They will still be open to beginners. Weightlifting will move from Monday to Tuesday. These changes go into effect next week. The updates are on the schedule. If you haven’t been to the 6am class I highly recommend it. You will meet some folks … Read More

for the love of fitness

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I just read a book called The Fighters Mind, by Sam Sheridan. It was about the mental aspect of combat sports. I am not a big fan of combat sports in particular but I do appreciate the cerebral aspect of almost any form of competition. I firmly believe that there is much to be learned in terms of mental discipline … Read More

Double U Tea Ef

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As y’all know I am a big fan of the olympics. I watch a little of everything except ping pong and I would avoid all horse events as well except for some reason NBC seems to think it is pertinent to cut away from diving, or track or anything else awesome to update Americans on dressage. Two years ago I … Read More