I think your great,,,

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…is good enough. I read a book before Charlie was born called Brain Rules for Babies. In Dr. Medina makes a case for not letting children watch television before the age of 2. It was compelling so Erin and I adopted it. Sometimes it would be nice to just turn it on and let the kid get veg out but … Read More

Christy Rimczak

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Last name pronounced Rim Sack. I know it sounds a bit porny but it isn’t what you think. It is the moniker of our very own in house hollywood love story couple. Rosa and Nimz are getting married just in case you hadn’t heard. I am invited to the wedding because I am 87% responsible for the whole thing happening. … Read More

Show me off

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This dude walks into the gym the other day and says he wants to use the rings for a minute to show off for some girl he was with. I made him fill out a waiver of course and told him to have at it. He was talking a big game and he was either going to blow my mind … Read More

Add a “Grand”

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We have been opening for two months but now somehow it is official. Maybe we are “Super” open now. When your opening is grand it just makes you feel better than other people. Generally just being a member of a CrossFit gym brings an air of superiority but this is like having legit credentials in awesomeness. I am just going … Read More


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I am sure you are even more excited than I am. We are just days away from our grand opening party. It is going to be an epic celebration of the biggest change in the history of XCF. It is a time to work out, meet some new folks, eat some food, show off our sweet new gym space to … Read More

Mission [in]process

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Xplore CrossFit is like one of those real businesses with a tax id number and stuff. We even have a mission statement. If you know what it is you are amazing. If you don’t it is my fault. I won’t keep you waiting any longer. “Build a fitness driven community for anyone desiring to look, move, feel, or live better … Read More

Good to great. Emphasis on “to”

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One of the things I see so often in the gym is folks furiously trying to go from kinda ok to awesome in a single bound. There is a lot that comes between sucking at life and kicking ass and that stuff that comes between is rally important. I am not talking about appreciating the struggle. I am talking about … Read More

The camera adds 10 lbs…to your bench!

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The wife and I were back on New Day Northwest this week. We had a lot of fun. A bunch of cool folks over there and hopefully a few of the ladies from the show will be joining our ranks in the future. Check out the clip if you have a minute. As soon as the C monkey can overhead … Read More

The first rule of XCF

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The other first rule anyway is ALWAYS talk about XCF. The second rule of XCF is? ALWAYS talk about…you get the idea. We have been getting so many new folks in the gym the past month it has been exciting. Last Thursday as we were wrapping up the 5 and getting ready to start the 6 there were 30 people … Read More