Love your fans

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I really wanted to win regionals this year. Newsflash: I didn’t. After the last event my plan was to go outside and cry for a bit. I was well on my way to do this when I realized that I didn’t come to this thing alone and it would be selfish of me to run straight to my personal fortress … Read More

Why do you hate yourself so much

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Every so often we do a longer than average workout. For the average CrossFitter 30 minutes is long. 20 minutes seems long to me. To the average distance runner 20 minutes is just a warm up. It is definitely sport specific but if we want to truly be a balanced athlete we need to be ready for short and long … Read More

Those are CI’s ribs. Those are JHo’s muscles.

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Folks have been putting in amazing work the last few weeks. There are always cool things happening at XCF but things at XCF 2.0 have almost been too incredible to believe. Big ups to Dave Silver for getting his first muscle up last week. Something huge that not too many people witnessed and she is too modest to say anything … Read More

Sugar simple

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Folks come into the gym super motivated for change and they want to know every single thing they can possibly do to facilitate change. What should I eat? Should I train twice a day? Cardio in the morning? Carbs or no carbs? Is caffeine bad? Have you heard of stevia? What about quinoa, is it a grain? Can I drink … Read More


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It usually starts with a decision. Sometimes it is a reaction but most of the meaningful actions we take our born of a decisive moment. It may take us weeks, months, or even years to have our decisive moment but sooner or later the time will come when you have to decide. It might be the biggest, hardest, riskiest action … Read More

Guess who’s back

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Back in town for a limited engagement XCF’s fourth favorite son has returned from the land of chicharones and churros to spend some time with the strongest people in the northwest. The ladies want to be him the fellas want to be with him but you folks need to simmer down. He has too much ‘stache and too little time. … Read More

I told you guys

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To clarify Helena just had knee surgery and a “block” is referring to a nerve block which is amazing until it starts to wear off and you realize much like the frog in the proverbial pot of water that you have somehow waded into the deep end of the pain pool and it is filled with lava. Good times. CrossFit … Read More

No rep

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The other day I did something super lame. I was in the gym getting jacked while a class was going on and I was intermittently watching people train. I wasn’t teaching that day so I kept my mouth shut. You know, like I usually do in most situations. I noticed part of the way through the workout that some folks … Read More

I don’t like labels

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Unless the label says that the product contained inside somehow chocolate covered almonds and they happen to have 4 grams of protein, zero carbs and a decent amount of purine rich fats. Our very first group of athletes will be finishing up fundamentals in about a week and a half. Our little graduates will be moving onto the big kids … Read More

She must be doing it wrong

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Now that we are getting strong in a new location we are getting lots of walk by traffic and with walk by traffic comes lots of questions. People want to know why the music is so loud, why people are running around the block, if people actually climb the ropes. The last one happens at least twice per week and … Read More